“Fighting is within our nature” is a digital instalation by way of an animated .gif NFT created by Eduardo Albuquerque. 

"Fighting is within our nature" provokes the notion of conflict being ingrained in (human) nature to such an extent, the fight itself - its winners and losers - become meaningless.

By adding on top of each other (or AGAINST each other?) countless layers of footage depicting different types of fights (MMA, animals clashing, and even pillow fights), Albuquerque blends into a never-ending loop this idea that fighting (whether violent or playful, purposeful or meaningless) is something natural, inevitable (as evidenced by the grid that represents the social and moral restraints that often times pushes humans and animals towards fighting), and, in the end, ironically, entertaining.


After "One Night in Kendall", continuing his exploration of NFTs, Albuquerque helped found KR8, the world's first NFT marketplace dedicated to MMA content. Acting as Chief Storyteller Officer, he created the startup's whole brand narrative, and oversaw its product's and platform's development assigning and directing artists and designers.

Excited about KR8 and its ease of use, Albuquerque decided to create something within that content realm, and came up with "Fighting is within our nature". 

As is common to Albuquerque's body of work, the artwork and the dialogue it provokes is not confined to the piece itself. The buying/selling process of it was designed to be part of "Fighting is within our nature"'s message and experience as well.

From the NFT description: "he has put this NFT for auction and hopes all subsequent secondary market sales are done through auctions as well, as a way to replicate, in the buying/selling process, the very notion this piece of art represents. By putting people to "fight" over art, in an ironic metaphoric way, Albuquerque proves his art piece true even in one of the most non-violent tasks one human can partake: the quest for beauty, the quest for pleasure, and the process of reflecting on life as a whole. Additionally, he minted 100 copies of it. Once one auction is over and there is a winner, another copy goes for auction. All of them will have a starting price of 2 Celos. The idea is seeing if people make a higher bid just for the pleasure of winning a fight or if they can fight their human urges and instinct and wait a full week to get it for cheap."