“Freedom” is an awarded short film written by Eduardo Albuquerque. 

Synopsis: Why are some values encouraged when we're selling cars but demonized when talking about immigration?

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Starring Giselle Itié and Phil Miller
Directed by Yuri+Ana
Written by Eduardo Albuquerque
Produced by Sabrina Percario and Luisa Acosta 


Despite its tough subject, Freedom was received to great reviews. The Confidence Mag specifically praised Albuquerque's script and his "signature manipulation of reality” on this interview exclusively about Freedom.

Freedom also had a solid festival run, winning the Moinho Cine Festival in Portugal, the Short Film Factory in Romania, a best director award for Yuri+Ana at the Great Message International Film Fest in India, an honorable mention for Albuquerque's script at the Berlin Flash Film Festival in Germany (pictured above), and participating in 6 other festivals like Oaxaca Film Fest in Mexico, and the Houston Latino Film Festival in the USA, as the festival opener on a special premiere session hosted by the ACLU of Texas.


Bothered by the news coming from the Mexico-US border about Donald Trump's Administration handling of illegal immigrants, separating parents from their children, Eduardo Albuquerque felt that, as an immigrant with a voice, he had to do something. 

As fashion photographers Yuri+Ana, personal friends of him and wife Luisa Acosta, were going to Los Angeles in September and mentioned they needed to film something that involved cars for their portfolio, Albuquerque came up with a concept that would satisfy their needs and his own anguish.

Actress Giselle Itié (”The Expandables”), herself Mexican, read the script the same day she saw footage of a child being reunited with his mother and not recognizing her, and instantly agreed to be in the movie, that was shot in the Mojave Desert in one day with the use of drones and precision pilots.