One Night in Kendall is a digital poem. It is Eduardo Albuquerque's first ever NFT and can be found/bought on Rarible.

One Night in Kendall
(by Eduardo Albuquerque)

Tuesday, 9 o’clock.
I was being taken by the dogs for a walk
when I stumbled upon fifteen kids, fifteen year old tops,
skateboarding in the empty parking lot.

My heart and my legs raced to the house
to get my leash off and my skate and camera on,
but like a game of cat-and-mouse, when I got back to the scene
they were already gone.

In skateboarding and life, having your feet on the ground
is only important so you can push, and jump and slide;
the true magic happens when you fly.

I wonder how long I can still push for a promise that's been increasingly not there.
Were those kids a wake-up call for pragmatism or a “believe in the magic” dare?

Like a heartbeat, the wheels of my skate and my mind will only turn for so long,
before I come to a complete hault in this useless “faith in the magic” ping-pong.

Shot on iPhone
Music by Eduardo Albuquerque 


Homeless in Miami after returning from Mexico (see Van Life Fever), Eduardo Albuquerque spent some time at a friend's house in Kendall - a typical suburb south of downtown.

Disheartened, still uncertain about returning to Miami, “One Night in Kendall” is a portrait of Albuquerque's struggle in finding a middle-ground between creativity and pragmatism. After a lot of arguments with wife Luisa Acosta regarding their dire financial situation after the COVID pandemic, Albuquerque wandered walking his friend's dog and saw the scene described in the poem.

Another interesting thing about “One Night in Kendall” is that is Albuquerque's first venture into NFTs. As soon as Albuquerque and Acosta returned to the US, Albuquerque started reading about NFTs and got interested in it. With all the turmoil going on between the couple, when Acosta complained Albuquerque wasn't looking for a job, wasting time with NFTs, Albuquerque decided he would mint this digital poem; his first ever NFT, on the year that NFTs rose to fame.

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