Every last day (”último dia”, in portuguese), last hour of the month, Eduardo Albuquerque would host (via the streaming service) a talk show comenting the events of the month.

Complete with monologue, bits, guests, and musical performance, “Último Dia com Eduardo Albuquerque” ran for a year and had guests like comedian Rafucko, reality TV star Cix, musician Melvin Ribeiro, poker player Marcos Sketch, and musical performances by Paulo Pilha, Driving Music and more.

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Directed by Pedro Ludwig Marcial

Head Writer and Host Eduardo Albuquerque

Peter Landsberg
Adriano Albuquerque
Ivan Franklin
Pedro Ludwig Marçal

Adriano Albuquerque

Production Design
Maju Cancella

Recorded at R de Recife Studios


While watching a Fluminense soccer game being streamed over the platform (which later became social media “Twitch”), Eduardo Albuquerque realized that, with a bit of work, that technology allowed him to broadcast live original content. A huge fan of David Letterman and the overall talk show culture, he first did a test in June 2009 broadcasting all by himself the “Último Dia” pilot. Audience was able to watch and comment/interact in real time via the chat feature of, as Albuquerque VJ’d the program, told jokes and commented the biggest news of the month.

The broadcast had more than 100 simultaneous views at a time where social media didn't exist. For the next shows, he enlisted film school friend Pedro Ludwig Marçal to improve production quality inserting graphics and camera cuts between skits and live content, Maju Cancella to provide graphics and create a set decoration. Adriano Albuquerque (Eduardo's brother) became the producer, booking guests and more, and Peter Landsberg was the show's band (which consisted in only himself playing drum fills and beats) and host-sidekick. Ivan Franklin was a constant contributor, being a beach american football correspondent and writer along Landsberg, Ludwig Marcial, and the Albuquerques.

The show had fake commercial brakes with fake product ads.

On Halloween, Ultimo Dia had a black and white special with scary themes and aesthetics, which featured actor Otavio Ugá playing Count Dracula in an improvised interview with Eduardo Albuquerque. This episode also marked the only live performance of Norma, with Albuquerque playing “Brother Boy” on the final segment.

Being a live show via streaming, the only available footage of “Último Dia” is actually from “Primeiro Dia” (first day, in portuguese). This episode aired January 1st, 2010, since the producers understood that no one would tune in to watch on the last hour of New Year’s Eve. They decided to record the show and broadcast 5PM as fans were waking up with a hangover from their partying to say goodbye to 2009.

Before finally stopping production, the show had 3 episodes in which instead of the whole talk show setup, there was only an edited recording of the writer's reading the latest happenings of the month and coming up with jokes about it.